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Leeri Gourami

I was introduced to keeping tropical fish when I was in my teens by the father of one of my friends who had been an aquarist for many years.

When visiting my friend’s home I would be fascinated by the peacefulness of the multitude of tanks, the vibrant colours of the fishes and their very different sizes together with the richness and variety of the plants within the tanks.

There was the barely audible hum of the air pumps, the hissing of the bubbles in the tanks and the beautiful way that the overhead lighting danced around as the fishes and plants moved beneath the light.

I would sit and watch the tanks for many hours and I guess that it was inevitable that this was a hobby that I would take up and enjoy throughout my lifetime.

This website is dedicated to the lifetime of pleasure that I have enjoyed in keeping tropical fish and my hope is that you are able to derive pleasure from this fabulous hobby.

At the time of writing this short article, I am just beginning the process of building the content of the website. I will start with the very basics of keeping tropical fish, creating your first tank, choosing equipment, selecting gravel, stones, plants and finally fishes themselves.

In respect of plants and fishes, I will provide the information in a consistent and accessible format so that the website will enable you to search for anything and you will be presented with useful and meaningful content in a predictable format.