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Ludwigia Repens (Red Ludwigia)

Ludwigia Repens

Red Ludwigia ia also known as creeping primrose-willow and is native to the Americas. It is a flowering plant which grows to about 12 inches in length and its seeds fall from the flowers into the substrate of the aquarium from where new plants can grow from seed. Red Ludwigia also promotes natural tank filtration.

Planting Red Ludwigia

Red Ludwigia is best planted in clumps of four to six stems and is best anchored under the substrate of your tank.

Planting several clumps of Red Ludwigia in a larger clump can provide a colourful focal point within your aquarium.

Each stem will develop its own root system.

Colours of the stems can vary from a geep green to a rich crimson depending on the amount of light available, the more light available the more the stems migrate to the deeper crimson so green stems can be indicative of lower light levels.

Temperature tolerances of Red Ludwigia

Red Ludwigia will thrive in temperatures ranging from around sixty-degrees Fahrenheit to over eighty-degrees Fahrenheit so it is perfectly adapted to life in a tropical aquarium.

Red Ludwigia has long been a popular choice both in aquaria and in ponds and is now widespread across all temperate zones.

Red Ludwigia – Video

Image courtesy of: Show Ryu

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