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Pygmy Chain Sword (Helanthium tenellum)

Pygmy chain sword

This beautiful, small plant is ideal for planting towards the front of your aquarium where, once established, it will spread through runners and make a carpet of foliage in the region of three to five inches in height.

Planting Pygmy Chain Sword

Pygmy Chain Sword is best planted towards the front of the tank as it will grow to between three to five inches in height.

Pygmy Chain Sword will send out runners once established and, if desired, you can separate one plant to move to a further aquarium.

Pygmy Chain Sword thrives with plenty of light and enjoys a more sandy substrate.

Colors of the stems can vary from a geep green to a red tinge depending on the amount of light available, the more light available, the more the stems migrate to the red tinge so green stems can be indicative of lower light levels but the plant is still extremely attractive.

Temperature tolerances of Pygmy Chain Sword

Pygmy Chain Sword will thrive in temperatures ranging from around sixty-eight-degrees Fahrenheit to over eighty-degrees Fahrenheit so it is perfectly adapted to life in a tropical aquarium.

Pygmy Chain Sword is a highly tolerant plant that requires little maintenance. It will grow sparsely in poorer tank conditions with lower light but much thicker, faster and with more vibrant colors in better light and with more nutrients.

Pygmy Chain Sword – Video

Image courtesy of: J. C. Mills

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