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Welcome to Tropical Fish Planet


Welcome to Tropical Fish Planet.

Tropical fish keeping has been a popular hobby for generations. An aquarium is an entire, miniature world contained within a glass case in your home. As the aquarist, you are responsible for the health and wellbeing of all of the fishes, plants and other organisms within your care.

Keeping tropical fish is hugely rewarding as a hobby and is a hobby that always offers new challenges. Keeping tropical fish is something that the whole family can share in and enjoy.

Children can see the entire lifecycle of different types of fish from livebearing breeds to bubble-nesting breeds and from this learn of the beauty and fragility of life within this world in miniature.

Understanding the important role that plants play in the life of fishes; how they improve the quality of the environment in which your fishes live and how you can use plants so that, at any one time, you are able to observe some of the fishes in your aquarium and not others is a subject in its own right.

This website is always under construction and more content is added on a regular basis. It is broken down into sections covering basic tank setup, plants, different families of fish, breeding fish, troubleshooting problems and much more. If you don’t see what you want then try using the search tool. If you want us to cover specific topics not already included then send us a note using our Contact Form.